"The SCimPulse Foundation aims to safeguard the future of humankind ...
... to fuel humanity's natural drive to elevate its existence to ever greater heights"

About us

SCImPULSE Foundation is a public benefit organization devoted to the promotion of humankind’ sustainable growth and wellbeing. The Foundation supports courageous and ethical research, and innovation. It is invested in incubating and accelerating ideas until they reach escape velocity and spin-off into impactful autonomous initiatives. Hence, SCImPULSE enacts several roles, from talents- and ideas- detector, all the way to evaluation and ethical sandbox for governance and management, each of them contributing to the inestimable value of the initiatives brought to reality by our fellows and volunteers.


“Come together”

SCImPULSE sets out to be a sandbox for multi-/inter-disciplinary Research&Inovation, in order to observe, identify and profile novelties, failures (with emphasis on near-misses), and successes (including interesting near-hits) worthy of spreading and documenting. To do so, it offers a legal container to handle negotiations, resource flows, agreements and reports. In general, it serves to act as a middleware between societal rules/bureaucracies- and- the evolving/novel behaviors emerging from Research & Innovations. We appeal to those who will pursue courageous fundamental research, or free-range innovation for the good of humanity, which are usually less likely to identify a fitting container, or any interest in supporting their ideas.


“Make the world better”

SCImPULSE Foundation exists to work on a contra-disciplinary (as in negation of disciplines, not in their ignorance/absence) understanding- and ultimately surpassing- of humankind challenges and needs. The Foundation will be a catalyst of coopetition (competition in cooperation, and cooperation through competition) and will explore- and pave the way for new models of human enterprise, seeking prosperity and fairness to propel fundamental research and science to support mankind in its broadest form. Our true vision is to become obsolete by having humanity adapt their extrinsic approach towards progress to intrinsic.


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President, Dr. Marco Manca

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Head of Finance, MSc. Stef Cuijpers EMFC-RC

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