Let me see ... the sound ... Acoustic Holographic Vision

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Human echolocation is a phenomenon in some visually impaired individuals, whereby they are able to navigate their environment with surprising skill using their sense of hearing.

Typically they produce “probe sounds”, flicking their fingers or tongue, and listen for the return (echo). 

So far only very few gifted individuals have developed this capability, through years of intensive and dedicated training.

This is where we meet Henrik D. Kjeldsen, a brilliant young scientist sponsored by the Scimpulse Foundation, who has envisioned a way to make this capability technically available to anyone. 

The project intends to design a mobile acoustic holographic vision system that will allow its users to recognise objects in real-world environments and scenarios, and enable informed responses in terms of real-time navigation and action. 

You want to know the whole story?
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Recorded on 11 Nov. 2014 at the CERN openlab "IT in Healthcare" event.

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