Collision 69192.7 - the week agenda

Ready to accelerate!

The first two days are the acceleration phase. During this time the projects are aligned, reviewed, polished and prepared for the presentations. These sessions are private with each participating project team and a small group composed of coaches, mentors, experts in different fields.

Acceleration builds up energy charge. Alignment prepares for collision, and 69192.7 is the timestamp of the first collision, the first of a series continuing for two and half days.

What happens during a collision? the interaction of the charges and the friction of the participants creates a synergy, resulting in collateral effects that benefit all parties involved. The collection of these effects is what brings new ideas, new approaches and opportunities to bring the projects to reality.
Many presentations will be live streamed or recorded. Details about how to connect to each session will be posted one day before the presentation.

If you want to participate remotely or attend online, please send an email to and here is the invitation to the event:

In short, after the two acceleration days, we have the collision days, and then a half day of dispersion.

Here the complete agenda:

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