SoundSight Training: allow blind people to see with sound is on Kickstarter! - part 1

Blind people could do jogging with you, if they only could echolocate themselves. SoundSight Training will make them see with sound. 

SoundSight Training
All of us could echolocate themselves inside the space, using our tongue click, and listening to the echo of that click, that contains information about the environment, about obstacles and their distance and their general form factor. 

 There are roughly 285 million visually impaired people in the world, 39 million are totally blind. Let this number sink: it means 1 in 20 people does not experience the world as you do. Together we can improve their quality of life, and offer them the opportunity of fulfil their potential. SoundSight Training is the name of our ICT educational programme that takes up this challenge: helping blind people navigating and orienteering themselves in a living/moving world as naturally as you, without relying on vision. Or rather, training a form of vision that does not rely on eyes, but on sound. The users could go inside the simulated environment and challenge themselves inside different scenarios. 
SoundSight Training will allow our students to learn how detect echoes, at their own pace inside a comfort zone, like their own house; when they will fell ready they could go outside and challenge their echolocation skills.

SoundSight Training is an educational tool for visual impaired and blind people. The virtual reality guides our users inside different scenarios and different environment. Learning process is structured like a video game: different levels, a limited number of tries, heterogeneous goals and easy explanation of the objective. Every users will have their own score and they could improve it with acquiring objectives and winning the challenges. 

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