An Explorer with a Camera

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Christy Turner, a professional photographer from Calgary has been chasing the northern lights for years and specializes in Nature, Wildlife and Landscapes and created the most thought provoking images. Christy started chasing magnetic collisions (aurora borealis) for several years, which started as a hobby. She is recognized as an expert in this type of photography and has appeared in several publications and TV programs in Canada. Christy is also one of the supporters of the SCimPULSE Foundation.

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Photography can remind us that the world is an incredible, open place and is ours to explore. Christy, an explorer and a storyteller offers a gateway to the universe with her inspirational photography allowing her to capture moments of the relatively mysterious and unknown. 

Her photos can make a real connection to people, and can be used for understanding the challenges and opportunities facing our world today. Christy tells stories in a focused way and allows us to freeze a significant moment.

“It is my job to show the world some beauty, positivity, and re-encourage a passion for earth”

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Our Supporters

To bring about the kinds of changes that will help raise the standards of humanity and help people live healthier, the SCimPULSE Foundation seeks to understand and help remedy the world’s inequities. 

Whether the challenge is helping the blind, a collective approach towards healthcare or creating an affordable medical device. We listen and learn so we can identify humanity’s pressing problems that get too little attention. Then we recognize whether we can make a meaningful difference with our collaborations.

An Explorer with a Camera_3

Our collective efforts also depend on the support and resources of our donors, the private sector, communities and individuals. We would like to introduce one of our supporters, or as we like to say “heroes” who donate and contribute to our mission.

Through The Lens

Christy was kind enough to answer a few questions and share some of her inspiring adventures and show her perception of the world behind the lens, and how her commitment to photography liberates the soul.

What is your strategy for shooting the Aurora Borealis?

The aurora borealis is, like most phenomenon of nature, never a sure thing. Even if the data, science, and local weather conditions align, it can still be a no-show! It’s all about being patient, determined, and passionate about playing the waiting game until the light show begins.

Where do you get your inspiration and curiosity?

My mother has always been passionate about photography, so she is perhaps one of my earliest inspirations and constant source of encouragement.”

How do you share your passion for travel and sense of adventure?

It would have been impossible for an artistic person like me to travel through countries without wanting to capture the best of them photographically.

 How would you describe yourself?

I’m a person who values life experiences and memories and want to fill my eyes with the sights, sounds, cultures of the world. My extensive travel to over 74 countries have truly opened my eyes to many things. I know that the opportunities I’ve been given in are not taken lightly, and I try to take the best of what I’ve seen, the most important of what I’ve experienced, and allow that to drive me through my ambitions.

What is your most treasured experiences as a photographer?

My most photographic experience was taking my mother to France in 2014. On the flight to Nice, we saw the most incredible northern lights show that went on for hours. I took some amazing images from the plane and the trip was perfect in every way. Seeing a beautiful part of the world with my mother and snapping photos will always be my most treasured memory.

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With the rocky mountain backdrop creating an endless source of inspiration and photographic experiences she has the opportunity to share through the lens the jaw-dropping beauty with the rest of us.

Christy is privileged to live in a part of the world where the experience of the Aurora Borealis is literally in her backyard.

Together with a passion for travel, photography was a natural fit, as she is embraces every chance to capture a photographic experience. She describes herself as a “wildcard” saying no to nothing and pushes herself constantly.

“I’m very humbled by my surroundings with an endless

drive to share and that any of it resonates with others is a blessing”

Forging Connections

Christy had the opportunity to reconnect with Massimo Mercuri, Co-Founder of the foundation after many years. She saw the opportunity to offer to the foundation and its mission by donating commercial photography. Christy, thank you for your continued support of the SCimPULSE Foundation. 


As with any non-profit organization, budgets and donations are what help maximize the use of the funds for the foundation and its projects. We work in collaboration with grantees, sponsors and partners, who join with us in pushing for new solutions and harnessing the transformative vigour of science and technology. 

Commercial photography greatly increases our brand, market presence and communication.

Follow more of Christy’s work here

If you or your organization would like to know more about how to offer support, or make a donation, please email us at donations@scimpulse.org  

All contributions and support are welcomed. Contact us and explore the possibilities.

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