Connect With Us and Our Ongoing Projects

Connect With Us and Our Ongoing Projects_1

We invite you to get to know, share and comment on some of the ongoing projects at the SCimPulse Foundation. The portfolio of the Foundation is unusually diverse, with the common thread of similarity that all its projects share the aim of improving humanity’s living conditions. From investing in education to empowering people to provide an open network where ideas become feasible initiatives.

Soundsight is helping the visually impaired navigate without using the sense of sound. Read more.

echOpen is bringing new tools in the medical field to help make healthcare more accessible using open source hardware.

Hubotics-is making wearable exoskeleton, affordable and customizable for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation.Tsilla Boisselet is helping give the farmer’s land “a second chance” with the Resuscitation project -to revitalize soil and promote agriculture as a healthy ecosystem.

Any attempt to understand care in the 21st century means understanding its historical roots and the value of the past that challenges us. Deborah Liebart, a researcher on the Opencare project is exploring care in European societies and the effectiveness of different care systems.

Joining CERN Openlab

Recently, SCImPULSE Foundation has joined a project on big-data analytics with Intel and CERN. Exciting times lie ahead, and we look forward to sharing with you how this cooperation will evolve and develop. Read more

OpenVillage Participation

Just as a reminder, OpenVillage is continuing to accept participants. So far, OpenVillage has groups of initiatives coming together from Brussels, New York, Greece and Germany to approach social, health and physical care in unconventional ways.  If you’re working on a project that tackles access to care or solutions to address the needs of society, register for the event.

Connect With Us and Our Ongoing Projects_1

Join OpenVillage Festival in Brussels, Belgium, on October 19-21, 2017, in connection with OpenCare, a research project making health and social care accessible for all, open source and participatory.

Connect with us and learn more about the foundation and how we promote the well-being of humanity and how we can help boost your initiative off the ground. For expression of interest on any of the initiatives, please use the contact form on this blog or email us at foundation@scimpulse.org

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