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David Manset had crossed paths with Marco Manca, President & Co-Founder of the SCimPULSE Foundation several years ago at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
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They discovered they shared a common area of interest and an ongoing collaboration was cultivated. This led to project creation, the development of a new business model for currency as well as other areas of interest that were in alignment with David and the SCimPULSE Foundation.

Let’s Meet David

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David Manset, Blockchain Entrepreneur, CEO of Gnúbila, a software company developing data protection solutions.

David is Head of Research & Innovation at Almerys and  President & CEO of Cerebro, a Swiss brain data scientist service company.

Most recently he became a member of the Healthcare Data Institute. David holds a PhD in Model Driven Engineering of Distributed Computing Infrastructures for Biomedical Research, from the University of the West of England in Bristol, and an Executive Master of Business Administration from the Geneva School of Economics and Management, specialized in crypto-currencies.

Over the last decade, he created European and international Big Data platforms in e-health and biomedical research, and over the years has received together with his team several accolades; from the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, to the United Nations ITU and several more.

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With his passion of working in this field and contributing to international partnerships, with the goal of innovating and transforming solutions his journey delved further.

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The Humanitarian Landscape

With his humanitarian studies together with working with NGO’s and having the opportunity to engage at the United Nations his path took him to question how the humanitarian landscape is under crisis and how he could make a difference.

With a particular interest in diplomatic and international relations,and societal challenges, David says, “I am a passionate and persevering entrepreneur, eager to learn and always attracted by new challenges.”

Challenges indeed, he is currently working on an initiative with the SCimPULSE Foundation, “Economy Reinvented” an initiative using crypto-currency in developing regions for humanitarian actions.

Leading Together

I had the chance to ask David what impact did Marco and SCimPULSE have on your path of collaboration. This is what he had to say:

 The ScimPULSE foundation helped in identifying and brainstorming globally with the right people, institutions and corporations. Challenging my ideas under different perspectives, assisted in further development of the concept of a blockchain and complimentary money for the humanitarian aid.

Additionally, SCimPULSE involvement in societal projects provided me with invaluable feedback. Comparable to CERN’s particle accelerator, SCimPULSE played the role of an innovation experiment where I could validate my initial hypothesis”.

His idea was to develop a complimentary currency that would tackle the dark side of humanitarian aid.  A model that is traceable, showing every transaction and the flow of funds are public. I had the opportunity to ask David, what message he would like to share.

“Spreading virtuously, the blockchain has started matrixing the Internet. Several purpose-specific chains are shaping and soon will be intersecting and forming a new type of resilient information system. All objects of our physical world turning digital will be made free to move from one chain to another, leaving watermarked traces, receiving different market valuations, and transacting under legally specific conditions.

While accompanying this digital renaissance, we must emerge a “fair digital market” respecting the human condition, where value no longer is a purely economic variable supporting efficiency, but also from the societal impact. Seeing beyond “coloured” coins, such “double-valued” coins are key to an efficient and resilient society”.

Any entrepreneur with a vision can postulate a new business, but it takes a collaboration of many to make it a success. This project is ongoing and if you’re interested to know more or collaborate get in touch with us at foundation@scimpulse.org

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Can we gear toward a fairer digital economy where value no longer means just money?

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