Enclosed one can find the documents that were at the base of our foundation. The statute , which were drafted by the notary, the by laws we constructed ourselves in order to upgrade the compliance within the organization to a higher level. Next to these, the original Foundation plan is also added. It was crazy ambitious and during the course of years we learned a lot. Never the less, one can read the original intentions. The intentions remained, the speed and scale are adapted to reality during the years 🙂
One can also find the original letter from the Dutch tax authorities in which they grant us the ANBI status (status that entitles donors to tax benefits…more information on separate page ” fundraising”). It was a struggle to get it, not in the least by the special way we conduct activities in the first years: almost no cashflow going around and all like-for-like. This confuses tax authorities while P&L stayed almost at zero, tax authorities confuse this with having no activities. After several calls and debates, we finaly managed to obtain that status of ANBI

Foundation plan (chapter 4 seperately)

Chapter 4 foundation plan_Foundation landscape

By Laws to the Statuten

Statuten non legal binding translation

Toewijzing ANBI status

Enclosed one can find the Annual report 2014 of the Foundation. This was the first full year we were operational. Several activities took place, still the ambition was somehow unrealistic if one looks back in retrospective. Reality sinks in slowly and plans are adjusted. Still the intention remains and believe is strong we will get this initiative going strong in order to help mankind!


2015 ends and it was time for reflection. Are we on the right track? What else do we need to continue our development and lift this movement (Foundation) to a higher level in order to get- and accelerate more initiatives, which could benefit all mankind, into actual projects? Some project we want to keep and see them through till the end, other ones we just help accelerate from initiatives into projects and they can hold their own ground. We realize that having some funds is inevitable in order to accomplish what we want to accomplish: help all mankind into a brighter future


2016, in many ways an exciting year. The Foundation is on its way to maturity but still learns a lot along its way of ” growing up”. Next to the fat of getting involved in an EU project (which was unique for an organization that operates like SCImpulse…) we also saw some of the fruits of our seeds and hard work. Our network is growing, our visibility is expanding in both scientific- and non profit landscape. Word is spreading on what we can do in the way we operate and the accomplishments we have achieved. The enclosed annual report is already giving a first glance on what we accomplished with no funds (for the first time we measure this)……imagine what we could do WITH funds 🙂
Annual report 2016 ScimPulse-final

2017 was again a turbulent year with lots of successes, but also a lot to think about, when preparing for the next steps. The Annual report will take you through our year and will clarify more about the hurdles which we, as a foundation, stumble upon.

2017 really feels like the year that the fundaments have been laid for further progress. We are curious to see where 2018 will bring us on our journey and if we can take the necessary steps to elevate the Foundation ” to ever greater heights”.

Annual report 2017 ScimPulse Foundation