echOpen – the development continues

echOpen – the development continues_2

The Deep Games event took place in February at CERN IdeaSquare in connection with OpenCare – a project run by a consortium of partners and funded by the European Union under Horizon2020.

It was an experience to engage in discussions with physicists and researchers and place the project under the scope of an international environment” ~ Olivier de Fresnoye.”

When technology collides with reality, change occurs. When people think beyond ordinary limits of what’s possible, age-old problems can be solved. There are projects that guarantee to revolutionize various facets of society, especially for those in need.

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echOpen, the open-source, low-cost, portable ultrasound stethoscope which connects to a smartphone or tablet, could revolutionize access to healthcare by simplifying the diagnosis while opening up new opportunities for doctors in emerging countries.

echOpen – the development continues_2

Build with echOpen

Globally, medical imaging is a scarce commodity – its cost and complexity restrict its availability mostly to industrialized countries and well-equipped hospitals. EchOpen is easy to build with open-source hardware. This combination has the potential to make health diagnostics available not only for remote and marginated communities, but also for emergency response squads and hard to reach locations. It’s easy to use, producing ultrasound imagery for a wide range of examinations that can be shared in real time to obtain remote assistance, virtually by any medical center in the world.

EchOpen helps healthcare professionals by delivering faster and precise diagnostic imaging. The concept was born in late 2014 as a community initiative, gathering people interested in health and open-source solutions for the future of medicine all over the world. The progress and achievements remain on-going with a growing community of over 200 members, including doctors, engineers, programmers, radiologists etc.
The Deep Games effect
 “The ability to discuss the project with mentors from different backgrounds was nourishing and intense. I’d like to say what a complete “eye-opener” this had been for me.  It was exactly what I needed to bring this project further and I have walked away with the confidence and the determination to make the necessary changes. During the 2 days, we realized our strength was not being used to the maximum.” ~ Olivier de Fresnoye 

Challenges Ahead

echOpen – the development continues_3echOpen is in the process of seeking collaboration with key partners and resources to support a global effort to reach project goals.  Finishing the new version of the prototype with medical quality images and making the components smaller for manufacturing is the challenge ahead.  The vision of this community-based open-source product is to share on a globally and distribute in Africa and South-East Asia. This new admission to healthcare will help solve problems faced by developing countries.
The humanitarian field very interested, says Olivier, whose experience includes the scientific coordination of humanitarian missions in South-East Asia. Interest has spurred widely with several NGO’s towards its accessibility to use ultrasound in medically deprived areas. 
For expression of interest for echOpen please visit the website. echOpen is looking for active participants, collaborators. Is that you? The echOpen community is available for anyone that wants to be part of an open science community. Hardware design, software development, or user-interest, they want to hear from you. 
The SCimPULSE foundation brings people together, that share a responsibility for the future and to continuously aim to tackle solutions to big problems and make the world a better place. Ideas, technologies, and practices sparking to create a new frontier of innovation. 
During these workshops, scenarios are explored to gain awareness of the possibilities and foster creative thinking within the projects. This method of hands-on and minds-on approach produced transformative results while enhancing innovation and performance. 
With the focus on methodologies, tips and ideas and the interaction with different mentors has given new life to this project and enables us to achieve long-term success.  These events should be held every 2 months as they add value to any project, in various stages of any development.” Olivier de Fresnoye

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