Happy birthday! announcing Scimpulse.COM

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The SCimPULSE foundation was registered the first day of May 2013 at the Metis notary in the charming town of Sittard, where the Netherlands is just a few kilometers wide between Germany and Belgium. That position by itself was the sign that we exist thanks to the synergy between different worlds. Since then we have learned from the collisions of different realities, disciplines, people and cultures. “Collision events” has become the branding of our activities. Many geniuses, teachers, students and makers participated sharing what we call the “collateral benefits”: the resulting sparks generated by the collisions of highly charged and accelerated initiatives, become new knowledge, new creations, new opportunities and solutions originated by science, impulsing mankind to ever greater heights.

We also expanded in geography, with permanent presence in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and numerous fellow researchers and associates in the European Union, North America and Asia-Pacific

The foundation has generated value in the seven-digit range, learning from experimentation and experience of a growing ecosystem. We created a meta-method that achieves breakthrough innovation and solutions beyond the reach of standard documented approaches. Capturing that value is one of the main reasons why …

Now we start sharing our method

In the second half of 2017, the foundation becomes the incubator of its own startup: Scimpulse.COM

The .COM side of the foundation will perform the activities beyond the standard non-profit scope, yet with the highest social responsibility in mind. That means the .COM will actually have “customers”, and all profit will be used to support socially responsible initiatives and breakthrough innovation coming from science and research.

What’s coming up?

the main areas for the new .COM generate synergy:

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Events are on invitation for a restricted amount of people. The first one is in September 2017. Contact us if you wish to be involved

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Only sponsors will be invited to the exclusive circles. Contact us to learn how to become a sponsor

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All our scientists, researchers, fellows, alumni, sponsors and stakeholders become part of the accelerator networkWANT TO BE INCLUDED?  maybe you can … contact us via email foundation@scimpulse.org

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