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To set-up a 3WC style initiative that will design, maintain and govern standards in 3d-printing. In order to make industry 4.0 a reality society needs, arguably, to establish appropriate infrastructural measures that would support the vision of distributed fabrication. Standard file formats, libraries of materials’ technical sheets, quality control standards, and transaction standards, would have to be agreed upon and maintained by an inter-industrial consortium to guarantee that industry 4.0 investments were effective.


HEPHESTOS.io is a consortium proposal. The goal is to set up a transparently governed organisation to work on a shared and open set of standards and protocols to connect the dots of design, specifications, hackers, repairers, manufacturers, to unbind in the material world the same kind of transformation that the World Wide Web brought to the information ecosystem.


The approach is based on the success stories of other initiatives like the Wold Wide Web consortium and LINUX, among others. By laying down a virtual shared infrastructure to handle transactions between the infosphere and the physical world, making it possible to disclose old IP without giving up return on royalties and business sustainability, and by offering glocality (globa-local-ly) to the processes of adaptation and production, this will unlock novel innovation markets and an opportunity of inclusion and resilience for society.


As a web for design and manufacturing, this infrastructure will be the horizontal substrate to build innumerable vertical business cases. With no longer the need to design protocols of verification, authorisation handling, communication and exchange, all will benefit from a single, governed, and protected underlying set of fundamental rules and tools, potentially turning the challenge of International Trade Agreements upside down: introducing a need to restrict rather than to open.


Action items to next milestone

Owner Description Due Date Complete
SCimPULSE First consortium presentation May 29, 2017  Yes
SCimPULSE XENIA draft proposal July 22, 2016  Yes
SCimPULSE consortium project site April 6, 2016  Yes
SCimPULSE Discuss collaboration with WeMake April 6, 2016  Yes
SCimPULSE Hold Brainstorming Session With Team March 29, 2016  Yes
HEPHESTOS.io slideshow

XENIA : eXchange Enabler for New Industry Acceleration XENIA proposes a community-sustained, two-sided online business model that facilitates the process of booking functional spaces for manufacturing, fabrication or prototyping by entrepreneurs, SME’s and startup companies …
·        Object Data Management (ODM) We have a definition of the Object Information EnvelopeJust like “time” is the fourth dimension in physics, the “information envelope” of an object constitutes another dimension of its own …

·        Work Packages continued Consortium creation and establishment. The shape and form of this organization is not clearly defined yet. Includes but not limited to Partners engagement plan, alliances and collaboration agreements, communication plan …
·        High level work packages identified After a round of consultations with the interested parties, these are the the high level work packagesEnablers to craft the first working model:Consortium composed of at least one …

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