Innovation in Healthcare: Futuro Summit 29-30 September

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The Forum Della Leopolda, dedicated this year to the search of a Sustainable future for Healthcare, will host the most prestigious Italian institutions, organizations, and companies invested in innovation in care. The event is organized in parallel experiences, and the “Futuro Summit,” Sept 29-30, will bring together leaders in the healthcare sector for conversations about innovation in support of sustainability.

Topics will span from new and future technologies to therapeutic revolution, and will address the meaning of new industrial trends; advances in neuroscience, digital transformation in care, cybersecurity, visions for the future, and longevity. The talks are idea-focused, and on a broad range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, and curiosity – and provoke conversations that matter.

Many forces are driving the need for innovation as the traditional care delivery model is often seen as overwhelmed. Technology has always played a crucial role in healthcare innovation and will be no different in the future. However, we enter an age when the pace of technology-enabled innovation is likely to change. More focus on the patient experience, big data will become commonplace, and advancement in digital technology will create enormous opportunities, which we auspicate will translate into a more human and sustainable model of care. These are some of the issues tackled at the Summit.

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Dr. Marco Manca, President, and co-Founder SCimpulse Foundation, scientific attaché at CERN, CEO of WideBank
– Digital transformation:  Machine Learning, Bots, and Borg..beyond the limits of the big data discourse, grabbing the opportunities of human intelligence.
– Can we make the world a better place in the next 20 minutes?>
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Deborah Liebart, SCImPULSE “OpenCare” Research Fellow– Finance and care: governance, mutualistic systems, and risk distribution.

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Taghi Aliyev, Doctoral Student at CERN
– Big data in healthcare, known unknowns, and lessons learned in science.
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Dr. Salvatore Cognetti, UK NHS Grampian–  Guidelines and Healthcare: are we building care around the average Joe? Click here for a snippet of Dr. Cognetti’s presentation.


Joint discussion

“Primum nonnocere”: Between personalized and predictive medicine
Drugs Prediction of interactions and toxicity

– Becoming proactive in safety in healthcare, and leveraging the available knowledge to forecast general population and personal adverse effects of drugs (or their interactions in multi-prescription)

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Antonio Gaddi, Director of the HealthLab of G-Technology Foundation, and Scientific Director of QI International Ltd


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Simonetta Scalvini, Scientific Director of the Scientific Institute of Lumezzane


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Francesco Gabbrielli, Director of the National Laboratory for Telemedicine and new Assistive Technologies, at the Italian Higher Institute of Medicine


The power of ideas to transform healthcare

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 Fabrizio Faraco Interactive Sas Strategist, trainer, mentor, facilitator

The SCimPulse Foundation in collaboration with Fabrizio Faraco will be offering the participants a taste of the “collision event” format, which SCImPULSE has organized before with OpenCare, Geneva Responsive City Camp, CERN IdeaSquare CBI, and many, many other partners.   The theme of the collision event will be the meaning of user experience in care, and what the design of the future should invest in. In short, the user experience design applied to the doctor/patient relationship.

Ideas Competition

The “Ideas Competition” is for innovative ideas from individuals, research teams, entrepreneurs, and early-stage start-ups with ideas that they would like to bring to the next level, for the fruition of general public. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to be mentored by SCImPULSE and its trusted partners, to evolve into an ethical and sustainable reality, both regarding strategy and business model, and concerning execution.

Come and check this first time in Italy!

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