Latest News: Deep Games Workshops 2017

Latest News- Deep Games Workshops 2017_1

There has been some inquiry about the Deep Games Workshops in connection with the Call for Initiatives to Hack Health and Social Care.  For some clarity to everyone, just a brief status update to where we are in the planning.

Due to official reasons, the Deep Games workshops scheduled to take place in Geneva at CERN, and in Milan are in the process of being rescheduled for the early part of 2017. The dates, time and venues will be advised shortly.

Latest News- Deep Games Workshops 2017_1

We continue our promise of bridging the gap between mainstream health care and community health care by embracing a collective approach. Just a reminder, if you have a story about receiving or giving care and you think it can be replicated elsewhere, or you have a maker approach in designing DIY health instruments and devices, we want to hear from you. We’re always interested in new initiatives. 

For other inquiries about the Call or the workshops, reach us at opencare@scimpulse.org. If you have inquiry about the SCimPulse Foundation, its projects and support get in touch with us at foundation@scimpulse.org

Latest News- Deep Games Workshops 2017_2

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