Let me see! … the Prototype (part 2 of 3)

Let me see! ... the Prototype (part 2 of 3)_3

This story comes from Let me see! … what is Vision? (part 1 of 3)

Contrary to what most people believe, the most difficult part of design is not to ideate something that can “do” something, but to understand the real need of the end user. Missing the user satisfaction factor can make the difference between a successful design and a pile of garbage.
We have a few curious spectators in the room, people who heard about the event and coaches of other teams, so I take the opportunity to involve them the next exercise: they have to build a model from the point of view of the blind person guided by a machine, in other words playing a prototype scenario: the blind and the machine.

The Prototype at play:

The Heisenberg team members blindfold themselves. The other participants play the machine.
Let me see! ... the Prototype (part 2 of 3)_1 Let me see! ... the Prototype (part 2 of 3)_2
The machines stands behind or beside each blindfolded person, to give them instructions.
The blind cannot speak and the machine cannot use the hands.
The mission is to build something “High and Beautiful”, but the blindfold is not aware of the goal.
Pressure builds up (pun intended) while the couples do their best to erect a high construction that can also be beautiful.
Interesting to observe most of them go for columns first, trying to reach height fast, and then try to embellish the model in a second phase.
I wonder if a different mix of disciplines would have a different approach. The Heisenberg team is mostly composed by students of design, engineering and social studies … what would happen if I have different components in the group?
Let me see! ... the Prototype (part 2 of 3)_3
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