Let me see! … the solution (part 3 of 3)

Let me see! ... the solution (part 3 of 3)_3

Let’s think about solutions. 

Let me see! ... the solution (part 3 of 3)_1

Now that you had the experience of a prototype scenario where the machine helps the blind, imagine that you have one single chance to give this person one gift …
 Let me see! ... the solution (part 3 of 3)_2
… one specific solution or power that can give them some glimpse of vision, a touch of the reality around them. You have all the power in the universe to make it happen right here, unlimited by resources, budget or time (besides of course, restoring the eye sight) 

What would that gift be?

Let me see! ... the solution (part 3 of 3)_3
Solutions start coming up, one by one, shaping multiple views and ideas … from the head mounted visor with a manual remote control ending all the opposite way to the abstract but clear “anti-bullshit machine” …
… and then, to trigger the ultimate divergence: merge them all !
Let me see! ... the solution (part 3 of 3)_4
The exercise ends with the realization that too many solutions may be too much for one person to handle, a very important reality-check that every designer should have in mind … remembering the famous phrase from Leonardo da Vinci:

“Simplicity is ultimate sophistication”

(la semplicitá é la sofisticazione suprema)
We believe this type of exercises create a new mindset, and we wish the Heisenberg team lots of success in all their future endeavour. Who knows we may even meet again. After all, the World is smaller than it seems …
Let me see! ... the solution (part 3 of 3)_5
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