Our New Fellow, Marek Oropallo

Our New Fellow, Marek Oropallo_2

We are delighted to announce an addition to our Fellow Program, Marek Oropallo. Marek will join the BioDynaMoModeller team.

Our New Fellow, Marek Oropallo_1

The BioDynaMo is a collaboration between CERN, Newcastle University, Innopolis University, Kazan Federal University, and Intel to design and build a scalable computing platform for advancement in neuroscience.

Marek Oropallo is a graduating student in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna.  His studies include Applied Mathematics and Cognitive Sciences with an interest primarily in Neuroaesthetics and Biosemiotics – and, of course, brain simulations.

He had worked in collaboration with the Neurology unit of the Hospital of Modena, on the Parkinson’s project where he focused on visual/motor coordination and the cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease. Though this project didn’t go further past the initial stage it did give birth to early cognitive testing procedures in Parkinson’s disease.

Marek has followed the foundation and its projects from the sideline with deep curiosity eventually leading to collaboration. After reading the publications he wanted to participate. Through several discussions, it became evident his contribution would be useful, and the synergy would be effective.
Our New Fellow, Marek Oropallo_2 Image credit: CERN-openlab

Looking Forward

Marek will be working on the model validation which is paramount to the overall development of the system.  This is a long-term effort in the field of biological simulation to build a scalable model of the brain. This open-source brain simulation platform will allow new possibilities to analyze the human brain and designed to help advance neuroscience.

Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing science. This will help gain insight into developing new treatments for brain disease and computing technologies and opens countless possibilities to analyze the human brain.

Marek’s interest in the brain and its complexity stems from an early age, so the opportunity to be part of this team is logical. He is extremely fortunate to pursue this field with the best and most advanced possible tools.

With roots in Philosophy, he had this to share regarding where he obtains his inspiration.

The awareness that biomedical research, when done with full commitment could truly have a beneficial effect on people’s health, it’s not just something that I love, but is a deep moral obligation too.”

In the rare moments when Marek has actually a bit of free, quiet time he delves into a relevant read in his field. With a deep passion for sports, he is currently in preparation to participate in the Ironman competition. For now, the full focus remains on this project and bring it to realization.

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