OpenCare Community Fellowship Program

OpenCare Community Fellowship Program_1

Have you imagined alternatives for better medical and social care? Are you involved with care related initiatives in your community? Or, maybe you have open source or DIY solutions for patients or caregivers? We want to hear from you.

OpenCare Community Fellowship Program_1

Join the process of building the OpenVillage!

The OpenVillage Festival is a highly participatory festival showcasing working solutions and demos produced by community members, as well as pathways for working together towards their sustainability. It will take place in October 2017 (exact dates and location TBD) and represents the culmination of the OpenCare 18 month research that involves hundreds of original initiatives.

Who can participate?

Anyone with a story of an open and participatory project of health/social care, who is interested in online and offline collaboration for social good.

What you will get if selected:

  • You will be working with the Edgeryders team towards the OpenVillage event happening in October 2017.
  • A bursary appointment: Up to 15000 Euro to reimburse your working time, distributed on the basis of winners’ financial needs to fine-tune your initiative.
  • A travel budget: Up to 5000 Euro, to be authorized in advance by due justification.

Where do I start?

to read more about the application procedure, selection criteria and the timelines, click here >>>


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