Putting Shared Value Into Practice

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In the non-profit sector, social responsibility takes many forms. Transparency in social impact, ethics and communication are key to making a non-profit organization and its projects successful. Building an organization committed to the highest ethical standards demands more than just following the law, it requires fostering practices that create an environment of transparency, accountability and integrity.

Mara Manca, humanist at heart, a fellow at the Scimpulse Foundation and researcher on the OpenCare project achieves that with a practical approach. She implements processes to create an atmosphere that is transparent, interactive and creates it in terms that everyone could relate to in their everyday lives. She makes it easy for everyone to see the vision of the project and what they hope to gain, and the risks involved.

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Transparency and accountability

OpenCare is constantly working to ensure ethics and transparency. The challenge, is to keep it as simple and understandable as possible, while maintaining a legal standpoint. The solution is not obvious, it’s complicated by the changing landscape. Mara tackles the challenge with a transparent approach that is beneficial to the project.

Mara came in contact with OpenCare through conversations with Marco Manca, Chairman of the Scimpulse Foundation, during a group discussion. At that point, her natural inquisitive nature was tempted, she was driven to know more. She was excited by the challenges and naturally her interest grew and she engaged in deeper conversations about the goals and mission of the project.

Putting Shared Value Into Practice_1

Mara was inspired by the thought of contributing to a social evolution with its out-of-the-box radical thinking. It was an amazing opportunity to help put a dent in humanity and contribute tangible efforts. Through her constant engaging conversations she decided to join the team at the Scimpulse Foundation.

Mara was becoming part of this idea of bringing forward innovation that makes sense to the community. Imagine a new form of care with the same communities that are struggling to do so every day.   

This was a chance to wrap her mind around challenges she may have never experienced as she tries to out-smart the giants that have created the current model of care. OpenCare is an opportunity to make this process visible in medical innovation while every government in the EU is struggling with care demands.  Since working with OpenCare, Mara is seriously reflecting on the nature of mankind. Now she looks beyond health, care and disease and past the superficial beaucratic layer and discovers there is the possibility to do more.

“It is a fragile strategy to decide to ignore what happens to those in need when the need seems far away, Mara Manca.”

Mara experiences frustrations in her work, but the frustration is there because she believes the project can achieve its goals, change and improve the approach to a problem. She works with like-minded people that share the same value and mind-set and with that combination anything is possible.Opencare – not just another funded EU project, its innovations is based on everyone contributing to its mission and sharing its future developments. Currently, Mara is mapping the norms on value sharing and the value chain of the Open Care community.

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