The Radical Re-design of Business: Are You Ready?

The Radical Re-design of Business- Are You Ready?_1

People Powering Digital Innovation

Industries are reforming in creative ways, challenging companies to blend talents, ideas, and technologies in a radical wave of innovation.

Everywhere you look, companies are using and creating a supercharged stream of innovation that is creating opportunities. Thriving in this digital era of promise means increasing the speed of innovation and collaboration. The main energy for this is not some magical technology-it’s talented people.  There is a sense that you prosper only when surrounded by a lot of resources that make it possible to succeed. Think of it as your garden, where you need fertile soil, seeds, and other ingredients to make things grow.The Radical Re-design of Business- Are You Ready?_1

A successful business evolves rapidly. While innovative businesses needs experimenting and collaboration. They must attract resources of all sorts, partners, suppliers and producers of materials and developers to create a cooperative network.  Virtually every business sector is being impacted by digital. Process and experiences are being reshaped by new technologies.  In response to these changes, companies are rethinking how they do business. How can we unlock novel innovation and create resilience in society?

The Radical Re-design of Business- Are You Ready?_2

Discover Hephestos

Hephestos, an initiative of Massimo Mercuri and Marco Manca, founders of the SCimPULSE Foundation and CERN collaborators that have participated in the initial stages of this project, and WeMake (MakerSpace), with Massimo leading the co-creations team. Hephestos, a digital fabrication eco-system platform that enables and paves the way for a new radical business model.

Its goal is to set up transparent organisations to share standards and protocols, to connect the dots of design specifications and leverage an existing product management. A platform that will bring the same transformation that World Wide Web brought to our everyday life. Hephestos enables a pervasive and widespread fabrication system that will impulse employability and share resources.

“We believe the experience of this organization with previous consortiums like the World Wide Web Consortium have great value to assure the impact this initiative and increase the odds of transcendental benefits for humanity, says Massimo Mercuri”

Hephestos suggests that a company be viewed not as a member of a single industry but as part of a collaboration platform that crosses a variety of industries. Companies can co-evolve capabilities around new innovations: They work cooperatively and competitively to support new products, re-create new devices, meeting needs, and eventually incorporate the next round of innovations.The Radical Re-design of Business- Are You Ready?_3

“Talent Clusters”
  Drives innovation

The digital era will rely on machines, but winning will require — perhaps more than ever — talent pools that can thrive in an increasingly digitized economy. Navigating this shift will be one of the defining moments. It’s time to get serious about how our organization’s most important asset- its people-will work in this exciting digital age.

Digital businesses recognize that they need platforms and the entrepreneurial talent pool around them as engines for continuous information exchange, insight generation and value creation.

Advantages for an Entrepreneur

For an entrepreneur who chooses to build a business in a digital ecosystem, participation can offer significant advantages, i.e. market entry costs reduced, access to customers and location independent, and that is just the beginning. An increase in income than they might not have had as independents due to lack of reach or community. It will allow scarce skills to be abundant, digital eco system can harness experts and aspiring professionals for a wide variety of products and services.

Hephestos, a digital collaborative platform will help redefine organizations and widen its value to member companies; communities make the digital ecosystem model well suited for entrepreneurial journey. Hephestos shows opportunities for leaders in business, craftsman and other creators that will influence organizations’ strategies and operations for years to come.

Accelerate Learning

The craftsman’s critical eye and creative mind is vital to evaluating new possibilities to make things that enable humanity to flourish in these challenging times. But this requires us to think and act as craftsmen and apply our to understanding our non-linear world, which is in part shaped by open, complex and seemingly vague systems that are highly interdependent of each other.

For expression of interest or collaboration on Hephestos, “the make or build database” come visit our website www.hephestos.io or send a message to hephestos@scimpulse.org

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