SCImPULSE into the 2018

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters,

As it is our custom, at the turn of the year we take a few moments to reflect on the past and communicate about our progresses, our learning moments, and our resolutions for the future.
This year we in SCImPULSE are a bit late to our appointment, but it is for a very good reason. It is in facts my pleasure and pride to announce that we have rebooted our communication and digital strategy.
You will immediately notice that something (actually, a lot) has changed on our website.

But to introduce it, I like to leave the word to our friends from PixelPro’s, who have been the real minds behind this:

When Scimpulse asked us to develop a new website, we took this opportunity.
At the beginning of a project, we always fully immerse ourselves in the client, and Scimpulse was a special one.

The beautiful projects and good initiatives have made us think.
It had to be a modern website that guaranteed the professionalism of the organization.

We have applied various new web developments to the website because Scimpulse is bursting with new trends and innovative projects.
Furthermore, a blue tint has been given a high priority in the design because blue stands for reliability, and

Yes, those are the people behind Scimpulse.”

Now, I would be a huge liar if I denied that Joppe’s words moved us… and let me take this opportunity to publicly express our appreciation for PixelPro’s culture, and work. We look forward to continuing our cooperation on this path of growth and mutual support.

And this year we will be very busy with realizing our new digital strategy: rebooting our Facebook page, new editorial policies for our Twitter profile, distribution of our reports and deliverables via Zenodo as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, and a new project to bring to you (hopefully) by the end of 2018 a new online cooperation platform.

Why, you may ask, this year’s attention to our outreach practices? Frankly, our projects have matured to the point that it has been suggested by our advisory board that proper dissemination beyond our circles is part of our ethical mandate.
Indeed, within OpenCare (EU H2020 grant agreement nº 688670) we have produced the first known attempt at making the social contract for community driven care design and delivery explicit; and we have produced a historical analysis of the financial governance of welfare from the industrial revolution to our days.
But we have also started working on a new concept of quality and safety control/insurance for distributed production and digital distributed fabrication, which we aim to roll out in the second half of the year, if our partners, and you, will support us sufficiently. You will soon read more about this, but don’t hesitate to connect with us if the idea resonates and you are keen to explore opportunities of cooperation on the topic.
The Tool to Design Ecosystems for Sustainable Soil Management that is being developed by our project on recovering depleted/polluted soils has been presented during the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Development, and is now raising funds to turn on the empirical phase, while we will invest efforts to gather and coordinate a community of volunteers to further develop and maintain the current tool and dataset.

On the other hand, we will adopt again SoundSight, to support the project in the hard challenge of finding a path to sustainability that keeps true to the moral commitment of being a tool for the visually impaired, honestly by them, with no exploitative mechanisms allowed. This also would benefit from a novel investment of the Foundation in outreach, since philanthropy is too often played by the rules of a market, and very good initiatives can be forgotten without an anchor to a solid and trustworthy ecosystem.

Anyway, dear friends, colleagues, and supporters, it is time to bid you good-bye, and to leave the update to our renewed digital platforms.

Let me just conclude with a huge thank you to all who have contributed being 2017 great, and 2018 so exciting to look at. SCImPULSE is yours, more than this it is all of you, and we in the Board are merely watching after it for you. Please, take good care of us, and continue to work with us, for a better future for all.

We need you, even when it is just a word. And we are here to work with you to make the world you imagine true. Everyday.

Marco Manca, Chairman of the Board
Stef Cuijpers, Head of Finances

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