Turn of the year: looking forward!

Turn of the year- looking forward!_3
Dear Friends, Supporters, Fellows, and Partners of the SCimPULSE Foundation,

We have closed 2016 and this is the time to reflect on what we have achieved during the year and also acknowledge you, who have contributed to its success. We are again at that moment when we are called to review our achievements and share our hopes and fears.
Like trying to pick one’s favourite child, it is impossible to decide which story or event should be emphasized. From Soundsight Training-helping the blind overcome challenges, Hephestos-redefining the craft of business, BioDynaMo, Science Opera and OpenCare and many others.
Turn of the year- looking forward!_1
Thus, also in order to keep this message short and to the point, I will only talk of our future, even when looking back.

In this light, the most significant 2016 event for SCImPULSE is an easy pick. Two different teams have come at our doorstep, manifesting the intention to spin-off their activities from us into the real world. Realizing our vision that the Foundation should constantly evolve to help solving new challenges irrelevant to the sustainability of any new solution.

We are now working together with the teams, to design a sustainable model of work, aligned with our ideals, to grant access to the novelty they produced not only in technology, but on the organisation of the relative industries, IT and financial services. We are studying the models necessary for the initial support, in order to maintain spin-offs sustainable and the ideas as open as possible. This opens up an entire new range of partnerships that we are starting to nurture and it’s pushing us to study again, and to expand our social networks. Growth being a natural phase.

…and more projects had reached what Massimo calls “escape velocity”, and have seeded business into some stakeholders’ activities. We have started to invest growing attention into narrating our activities, stories and conversations, and into designing ways to trace their impact and evolution beyond the borders of our organisation. You might have noticed a change in our website and social media. This is integral to the accountability and the increase of the human capital that our supporters, and fellows invest in us!
Turn of the year- looking forward!_2
Furthermore, we are exploring the possibility to branch-out while preserving the core values and standards of SCimPULSE.. We are researching different entrepreneurial scenarios to become more invested in great ideas that could potentially affect the lives of billions of people and help humanity rise.

However, whilst transparent as usual, much of this work will still remain invisible to most as we still learn how to work out-loud and nevertheless defend the rights of our stakeholders.

What can you expect from us in the next few months?

– At the end of January, and mid of February, we will arrange two hands-on workshops dedicated to hacker- and maker- teams interested to solve some problems in social/medical care;

– In March, a consortium meeting of OpenCare with a full immersion for all stakeholders;

– The announcement of an already-signed-but-embargoed-still consortium that will get many of you excited, hopefully as much as we all are;

– An addition of new appointees that will join our already solid OpenCare team to help us strengthen the ties with the grassroots initiatives in care in EU;

– Launch of an initiative to facilitate the cooperation by students and young researchers in our activities, at any level in our organisation.

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Many won’t realize how difficult it is, to twine many stories from a very eventful year into just one narrative. I had to choose a cut for our story, and I hope that you will have found what you read interesting and worthy of your time, but I won’t hide from you that the best way to understand SCImPULSE is to write your own narrative of it. In 2017, get to know us, embrace our enthusiasm and passion, and become one of us!
Turn of the year- looking forward!_3

Thanks for being part of 2016 and helping to make the past year so memorable. I invite you to join us in anticipating what will be accomplished in the year to come.

To a great 2017 and a productive and healthy New Year for everyone.

Ad Maiora!

Yours Truly,


Marco Manca, MD
Co-Founder & President
SCimPULSE Foundation

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