Welcome Taghi Aliyev – new member of the Board of Directors!

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the Foundation… it is with great trepidation that we share with you news of the election of a new member of the Board of Directors: Taghi Aliyev.
Born in Baku (Azerbaijan) on 13th of December 1993, Taghi holds a MSc from the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at University of Maastricht, Netherlands. In the last three years, during his doctoral exprience, he has been involved (often in the lead) in  Applications of Deep Neural Networks in Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing, Interpretability of Deep Neural Network models for feature extraction and explainability, and Natural Language Processing techniques for Narrative Interfaces, as well as the implications of Deep Learning in biomedical research.
He will bring to the Board his valuable socio-technical skillset and expertise, offering SCImPULSE the opportunity to strenghten its sustainable innovation agenda, and allowing us to contribute even larger value to the communities we work together with.
Everyone, greet Taghi and stay tuned with us!