SCImPULSE Foundation

"The SCimPulse Foundation aims to safeguard the future of humankind ...

... to fuel humanity's natural drive to elevate its existence to ever greater heights"

About us

SCImPULSE Foundation is a public benefit organization devoted to the promotion of humankind’ sustainable growth and wellbeing. The Foundation supports courageous and ethical research, and innovation. It accelerates projects until escape velocity, aiming for them to spin-off into impactful autonomous initiatives. Hence, SCImPULSE plays several roles, from talents and ideas' incubator, all the way to ethical supervisor and evaluation sandbox.


“Come together”

SCImPULSE invests in both daring fundamental research, and free-range innovation activities, offering a sandbox to handle resource flows, agreements, and evaluation.


“Make the world better

SCImPULSE Foundation will explore, and pave the way for, new models of human enterprise and society, keeping its eyes set on inclusive prosperity and fairness as propellers of humankind's creativity and wellbeing.