Our team and volunteers

Marco Manca

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Stef Cuijpers

Head of Finance/Treasurer

Taghi Aliyev


Tsilla Boisselet, PhD

Deborah Liebart, M.Soc.Sc.

Mara Manca, Ind. Eng.

Henrik Daniel Kjeldsen, Eng.

Giulio Aielli, PhD

Roman Bauer, PhD

Susanna Wong

Salvatore Cantale

David Manset, PhD MBA

Stefano Zingarini

Laura Brouwers

Irene Lanza, Ind. Eng.

Fabrizio Faraco

Massimo Mercuri, Eng.

Salvatore Cognetti, MD

Gene E. Verel

Silvio Noce

Antonela Bare, MSc

Thank you

A word of thanks to those who have offered their advise and mentoring to SCImPULSE Foundation. Exceptional people like Professor Mike Martin, Professor Mario Bonatti, Professor Sergio Bertolucci, Professor Gabriele Cipriani, and many, many others, directly or indirectly. SCImPULSE culture has been heavily influenced by the activities of many before itself, among others: the ATLAS (the large international collaboration in high-energy physics), MIT MediaLab, and the lectures of Dr Simon Wardley and Nassim Nicholas Taleb…

Although we acknowledge that the lessons we have taken, might not be recognized by them: a most heartfelt thank you to them all.